Sample Marketing Paper On Durex Brand Audit

Homework Question on Durex Brand Audit

  • Background of the company :
  1. Talk about the History of the company(how did it start, when, where, and where the idea come from) , industry (the competitors, largest market) , and how’s there business going in recent years
  2.  Make sure there is in-text citation and bibliography otherwise i will request a return and rewrite
  • Use only well-known websites (BBC, CNN, The company website, ect…) only stuff that can be found online

Homework Answer on Durex Brand Audit

History of the company

The origin of Durex dates back to 1915, during this time, time the London rubber company was created with a main aim of selling imported condoms and the barber suppliers. These give way to Condom production in the United Kingdom, the brand name was integrated in the company in the year 2009 (Smale, 2010). The name of this outstanding organization came from durability, reliability and excellence. For the last 81 years, the company has ranked as one of the best condom selling in the United Kingdom.

Despite the controversy that is associated with the product, the inception stages of the product received massive support from the Church of England, which was for the idea of looking for a way to control birth (Smale, 2010).Durex used drinking water for testing breakages. The most important steps for the company were realized in the year 1951, this is because, the company introduced its first production by the use of an automated system (Smale, 2010).

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In the year 1953, the company introduced its first testing testing machine that utilized electricity. It is during the 1980s, that Durex began selling condoms to the public; the company sold its products in supermarkets and pubs (Smale, 2010). This was highly motivated by the Aids endemic. During the 1980’s Durex experience a great increase in its sales. The first development of the company poster campaign was seen during the 1982, in the year 1987, the first condom advert was done on the television (Smale, 2010).