Sample Marketing Paper On Customer Satisfaction and Value

Homework Question on Creating Customer Satisfaction and Value

  • You work for Dubai World Central (DWC) as Marketing Officer and you have been asked to examine ways that DWC can build customer value and relationships.
  • You have been requested to provide a detailed report to cover the following:-
  • An analysis of the current situation which should include:-
    1. DWC’s micro environment 15 marks
    2. DWC’s macro environment 15 marks
    3. DWC’s target market and their positioning within the market 15 marks
    4. SWOT analysis 15 marks
    5. An analysis of the current marketing mix 15 marks
  • Recommendations for improving the marketing mix to maximize customer satisfaction and create closer connections to the customer. 15 marks

Homework Answer on Creating Customer Satisfaction and Value

Executive summary

Dubai World Central (DWC) is an economic initiative of the government of Dubai to build a world class airport to provide commercial, aviation, humanitarian, logistics, residential and exhibition services. Once completed, DWC will be the biggest airport in the world in terms of carrying capacity. This report presents an examination of DWC’s competitive environment and its market position. Described under DWC’s micro environment are customers, competitors, employees, shareholders and suppliers as competitive factors.

The company’s macro environmental factors discussed in this report include economic, technological, political and social factors. Also described in the report is the SWOT analysis of DWC and its current marketing mix. The report also gives recommendations for improving the company’s current marketing mix to increase customer satisfaction.

Homework Help

Dubai World Central also referred to as Al Maktoum International Airport is a Dubai based airport designed as a complete economic zone that provides various services other than those provided by traditional airports. Despite it being still under construction and development, DWC commenced operation in 2010 and currently creating its place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The world-class airport is designed to handle a capacity of 12 million tonnes of cargo and over 160 million passengers per annum (DWC  2012).