Sample Marketing Paper On Campaign Critique

Homework Question on Campaign Critique

  • The campaign Honey Bunches of Oat called Bunch of Beats. The campaign launched on Nov. 11, targeting both general and Hispanic markets. >>You will conduct an in-depth analysis of a campaign targeting Hispanics /Latinos. Select a campaign that had national or regional exposure and used different types of media.
  1. Introduction of the campaign: product or issue; target market segment; campaign goal.
  2. Detailed discussion of the main message and strategy, and how it fits or not with Hispanic cultural concepts covered in class. ◦Detail cultural cues or references that make sense for a Hispanic audience.
  3. Describe the visual execution style used, and the media selected for the campaign.. ◦Provide your critique on the strategies and media choices..
  4. Discuss any other campaign elements or tactics that may appeal (or not appeal) to a Hispanic audience, and the specific segment targeted..
  5. Include information on the campaign outcome (if available) and audience feedback.. Provide a personal critique/discussion of what could be improved to target the specific audience segment based on what has been covered in class. Consider language, culture, stereotypes and acculturation. Comments:

Homework Answer on Campaign Critique


The campaign-involved promotion of cereals being referred to as Honey Bunches of Oats whose target market was both the general market and Hispanic markets. The main purpose of this campaign was to use more methods of advertising away from the usual digital and social channels like print media and Television adverts (Chavez and Christopher 7).

Main Message and Strategy

The main message was contained in a composed music video saying Smile While You Shake It (Chavez and Christopher 7). The video was created with the help of a Latino musician named Domino Saints where dancers are seen shaking boxes containing Honey Bunches of oats as they dance .There is also a micro site known as which with the use of tutorials by musicians the audience are taught dance moves from the same video.

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They then take videos of themselves dancing and post it to the same site or social media platform (Chavez and Christopher 8).This strategy fits with Hispanic cultural concepts because it uses one of their own musicians in making this video thereby they feel the marketer is recognizing their cultural roots (Berkowitz et al. 9). They are also known from previous experiences to use their mobile devices to take photos and record videos.