Sample Marketing Essays On The Economic Analysis on UK

Homework Question on The Economic Analysis on UK

  • Write The Economic Analysis about UK and writ about:
  1. Personal income per capita
  2. Average family income
  3. Distribution of wealth i) Income classes ii) Proportion of the population in each class iii) Is the distribution distorted?
  4. Minerals and resources
  5. Communication systems i) Types ii) Availability iii) Usage rates
  6. Working conditions i) Employer-Employee relations ii) Employee participation iii) Salaries and benefits
  7. Principal industries
  8. Foreign Investment7 i) Opportunities?  ii) Which industries?
  9. International trade statistics (1) Dollar value (2) Trends iii) Balance-of-payments situation (1) Surplus or deficit? (2) Recent trends iv) Exchange rates (1) Single or multiple exchange rates? (2) Current rate

Homework Answer on The Economic Analysis on UK

1.Personal income per capita

The UK per capita income which is obtained by dividing the GDP having been adjusted by inflation by the total population was estimated to be $37955 as at 2013. Since 1960, the GDP per capita averaged $25350. 74 making it equivalent to 301% of the world’s average. The all-time high was recorded in 2007 at $40230.96 while the all-time low recorded in 1960 was $13478.93

2.Average family income

According to the Guardian Newspaper, there is a varied income between the people in the lower and the upper classes. The 10% of the top earners have an average income equivalent to 40% of the bottom earners (The Guardian Para). But all in all, the average family income in the United Kingdom is approximately 25 828 USD a year, higher than the OECD average which stands at $23938 (OECD Para)

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3.Distribution of wealth i) Income classes ii) Proportion of the population in each class iii) is the distribution distorted?

The wealth of the people of the UK is broken down by class, region as well as the type of wealth. National statistics office reports that the bottom half of the population owns less than 10% of the total country’s wealth, while the wealthiest tenth earns more than 40% of the total wealth of £10.3trillion.  Logically, the wealthiest 10% earns £4.5trilion, while the bottom 50% of the population earns $1 trillion (Caledonia para). From the statistics given the wealth of the people is distorted and unequally distributed owing to the fact that the bottom poor, who are the majority earns have less than 10% of the entire wealth while the 10% of the wealthiest enjoys 40% of the entire wealth.