Sample Marketing Essays On The Brand Strategies of Best Western Hotel

Homework Question on The Brand Strategies of Best Western Hotel

  1. Understanding the brand( “BEST WESTERN HOTEL” ) from its producers’ viewpoint: Interpret the brand strategies for the people(workers and managers in best western hotel)
  2. Do the same analysis for one single major competitor (“HOLIDAY INN”)

Homework Answer on The Brand Strategies of Best Western Hotel

The brand strategies of Best Western Hotel have been beneficial in improving the performance as well as creating a strong brand image. The company use workers and managers to ensure the success of the membership strategies. Best Western Hotel offer membership subscription to the various customers to ensure customer satisfaction and increased revenues. Most important, Best Western Hotel developed a product descriptors strategy.

The strategy is supported by strong and detailed consumer research that forms a part of the long-term strategy for enhanced brand image and superior revenues for the company (Cameron, 2014). The managers and workers are also trained on how to help customers to select the right hotels depending on their events. The workers and managers also required to maintain high standards during all times. For instance, the marketing team of best western hotel works closely with the guidelines of the market strategy to enhance customer experience.

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Holiday Inn is a major competitor of Best Western Hotel in the hospitality industry. The brand strategies of Holiday Inn relate to their family brand s that delivers innovative comfort to all customers. The personnel of Holiday Inn are expected to engage efficiency in conducting their roles and responsibilities. In addition, its brand strategies are associated with supporting a service culture. The service culture forms a main approach used by Holiday Inn in providing the guests with their desired types of service.