Sample Marketing Essays On Sales and Sales Management

Homework Question on Sales and Sales Management

  • Here are the journals that you will find your articles from Industrial Marketing Management Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management Journal of Business Research
  • Please find recent articles related to sales and sales management.
  • The written abstract will include the following parts:
  1. Research Question- What are the researchers studying? What is their hypothesis?
  2. Methodology- How did the researchers set up the study? More detail in this section.
  3. Results- What did they find?
  4. Conclusions- What are the implications? What do the findings mean? More detail in this section. Your take home points
  5. What have you learned? What did you take away from this article?
  • Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

Homework Answer on Sales and Sales Management

From the article ‘Free Markets and Social Inclusion: Toward a common goal’, the researchers are researching about the need to give sales training more hours in Latin America. The research question they are using is ‘What is the impact of the time allocated for sales training on the business?’ The research was conducted to determine whether allocating few hours for training employees on sales leads to the success or the failure of the business.

The researchers set up the study by identifying 25 businesses that were reviewed to determine the relationship that has been there in the recent past between social inclusion and free markets. The researchers conducted the studies to determine changes, which have occurred in the field of sales. These changes were then used to establish the impact that time allocation for sales training to keep pace with the changes has had on businesses.

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To collect information, interviews were conducted on the 25 businesses in Latin America. They found that most of the companies have not been offering support to their teams through provision of more time for sales training, thus poor sales strategies. Since there are changes that have taken place in the field of business, so the field of sales and marketing, companies that have ignored such changes have been lagging behind in marketing their products.