Sample Marketing Essays On Political Implications and Regulations on Technology

Homework Question on Political Implications and Regulations on Technology

  • There could be significant challenges and hurdles when deploying new technology globally. This can take the form of both political and regulatory dimensions. These types of obstacles can vary significantly, especially when introducing technology in different countries and cultures.
  1. Explain the political and regulatory implications on technology and how they can be managed when globally deploying new applications.

Homework Answer on Political Implications and Regulations on Technology

Technology involves transition and abandonment of the norms and culture that people are used to, and changing to new, unfamiliar ways of doing things. Technological advancement is a progressive process with different stages. These are invention, innovation, and diffusion (George, 2006). The existing regulatory and political aspects may act as a hindrance to technological advancements. Moreover, even with the nature of human beings to resist change, politics and regulations hamper the technological advancement within a country (Reddick & Aikins, 2012). In most countries, we find that most of the regulations in place work against technological advancement.

The regulations put limits on innovators, and make them not to exercise the full potential in them .Since if they supersede the set regulations they may end up being reprimanded or in jail. On the other hand, politicians usually act as obstacles when technology is being deployed due to concealed interests (Subramanian, 2008). Some politicians view technology as a threat to their careers. In addition, some technologies may lead to exposing their unclean dealings in the way they perform their duties (George, 2006).

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The politicians would like to maintain the analog systems since they are easy to manipulate. Nevertheless, the digital electronic systems are stable (Reddick & Aikins, 2012). The politicians are responsible for making the laws that pertain to the issue of procurement of electronic voter gadgets, and this motion may not pass. Furthermore, regulation requires all technology to possess the ability to eradicate the prevailing levels of risk.