Sample Marketing Essays On Personal Branding

Homework Question on Personal Branding

Create your Brand

  1. Write a 2-3 page paper on branding yourself.  Use the SWOT analysis to discuss and evaluate your characteristics. Think about not only how you see yourself, think about how others perceive you at home, at work or at social events.
  2. Take a look at yourself on a human level – what you believe in, how you treat others, how you are perceived by colleagues and friends and write a paper that describes for me what type of person you are.  If you read Dave’s values, you get a sense for what is important to him and what type of person he was.

Homework Answer on Personal Branding

We live in a dynamic environment where individuals and entrepreneurs alike are in constant struggle to adapt to the changing conditions and stand out from the crowd. Branding is the process of creating a unique image and name for a product through adverts with a consistent subject (Miletsky, 2009).At a personal level however, branding is an effort of self-packaging (Chritton, 2012). Personal branding has made me work towards self-positioning by identifying and articulating my unique value propositions and leveraging them across different platforms with a coherent message and an image.

I am energetic and full of passion while maintaining consistency at all times in addition to practicing social engagement. Clarity and authenticity in terms of transparency and real-ness is what I stand for. My professional qualifications, education and analyzing skills have continued to serve as a guiding compass to my career and personal life. I harbor different values and principles meant to create long-term vision of me among different class of individuals.

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I am focused, committed, loyal, creative and attentive. I am result oriented and admire taking initiative where majority of my colleagues would rather avoid. Prior to self-branding is an aspect of self-image (Garner, 2012). I have built my image through dressing appropriately, maintaining proper hygiene, and respecting other people among others that aid in personal branding. With such, people perceive me as a leader, an initiator, a problem solver, an excellent communicator and reliable among others.