Sample Marketing Essays On Exceeding Expectations

Homework Question on Exceeding of Expectations on My Internship

Part I:

  • In today’s business world, it is not enough to simply meet expectations. In many ways, the bar has been risen to encourage EXCEEDING of expectations with the latter being necessary for such career rewards such as raises, promotions, bonuses, simply keeping your job, etc.
  • In what ways could you exceed the expectations of your job/internship? Remember: “meeting” and “exceeding” are very different. For example, being on time to work is a basic and minimum requirement of your job but showing up 15 minutes early every morning to plan daily objectives is “exceeding.”


(There is a Succress Test to be taken found in Course Material week 2) Share some thoughts on your success test.

  1. Did it tell you anything you didn’t already know?
  2. Does it inspire you to do more to succeed?
  3. Supply a STRONG paragraph for step 1 and a minimum of 2 STRONG paragraphs for step 2

Homework Answer on Exceeding of Expectations on My Internship

A person should be ready to take responsibility whenever something goes wrong within his/her area of operation. Many organizations always have different tasks for different departments, but an individual in internship should multitask. Planning the day early and keeping a task list of what is supposed to be done and when is another way of exceeding expectations. In day-to-day duties, mistakes might happen and people need to take responsibility for, and avoid being defensive whenever the seniors give a negative feedback.

An individual should know the people in the office and have one as a mentor. He/she should always congratulate those who do a good job, and should not discuss confidential information.I personally learned a lot by exceeding what is required from me in the organization. A person should be able to take risks and go for higher goals in life, career wise. Fear should never be part of success in a person’s career.

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When people are mandated with responsibilities they are not well acquainted with, they should work hard to accomplish them. Obstacles arise in day-to-day operations, but individuals should be able to confront them. We should all know that fear is one way towards failure.People should approach any issue in life with a positive attitude. Attitude makes you like and people to enjoy what they do. When mandated with any responsibility whether within your area of specialization or not, always face it with a positive attitude.