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Homework Question on Marketing Message

  • Using the course Moodle site, upload a journal entry of not longer than about 250 words.
  1. Describe how the content or style of a particular marketing message you have encountered was designed to encourage a particular decision-making approach (see Chapter 9). The entry may describe anything you observe, read, participate in, etc., that relates to the assigned subject area.
  • Do not use examples from the textbook. Each entry is to consist of a brief paragraph describing the item, followed by a brief comment demonstrating how the entry illustrates a specific concept or principle discussed in the course (a single well-explained concept or principle will suffice).

Homework Answer on Marketing Message

The main reason why many businesses fail is because their marketing messages and strategies are centered on the operations of the business and not the customers. The customers are not concerned about the operations of the business but they care what the business offers to them (Leet, 115).There was this marketing message that I read in the newspaper. The advert was attractive; contained pictures of shoes in different designs and sizes and an attention message to the customers.

The message read; SHOES ON OFFER; we are the best company in the region that has specialized in the production of shoe products. We mainly manufacture shoes for school children; our shoes are very comfortable and durable. We sell the products at a very reasonable price and, therefore, most people can afford our products. The quality of the products has made the company to be ranked as the number-one shoe company in the region.

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The message captures the attention of the target market; with a clear headline that defines who is being addressed. Secondly, the message identifies issues, wants and the needs of the customers. Thirdly, the message gives a brief description of the product; the main features of the product are of great concern. In addition, the message gives the values and the benefits that the customer will derive; the benefits are pertinent to the target market. The message presents the results that the company has produced for the other people.