Sample Marketing Essays On Major Problems Faced by E-Bay

Homework Question on Major Problems Faced by E-Bay

  1. I need you to research and find two-three major problems that e-bay are facing. I need it to be from a marketing perspective and well-written with many examples and would like for it be detailed.
  2. Competition and fraud are two major concerns I would like for you to consider. I need the resources you use and please do not plagiarize.
  • Use credible sources such as wall street journal, business insider, ny times, research studies, etc.
  • No need for introduction or conclusion just the 2-3 major problems/concerns faced by e-bay. if one page is not enough to fit 3 major problems with it’s details then just write of two! try to squeeze in as much information as possible

Homework Answer on Major Problems Faced by E-Bay

E-bay is an online auctioning site that encourages consumer to consumer interaction with no offer on competing merchandise. As observed in recent years, Amazon, the largest competitor in online auctioning introduced a platform where vendors would compete in prices for their items. This new development in online auctioning is a threat to E-bay since most consumers today find better price offers and product placement in Amazon (Hansell, 2007).

Other than the rising competition, the challenges E-bay faces revolve around selling through mobile devices and terms of payment as applied in PayPal.Even though E-bay discourages selling of used items, such as accessories and cosmetics, home appliances, drugs and substances as well as electronics, customers still use their mobile devices to shop anytime they feel is appropriate once they have installed the required applications (Deseret News, 2014).

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The use of mobile devices and tablets makes it hard for the company to monitor transactions and control fraud. In very many occasions, customers have made transactions with ghost sellers who claim to be operational managers of the site (Deseret News, 2014). In addition, E-bay faces critics from its potential customers since the company’s terms of transaction is built on PayPal. Customers who want to conduct transactions are constrained by such terms since they must open PayPal accounts without which they cannot transact (Hansell, 2007).