Sample Marketing Essays On Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”

Homework Question on Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”

  1. Paper explaining how cultural differences or conflicts formed the basis for the plot. summary of how the cultural differences influenced perceptions of cultural diversity presented in movie and personal reflection of prominent .
  2. Explain differences between perceptions and reality

Homework Answer on Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler”

The butler is an enjoyable and engaging film that chronicles about civil rights history of an African-American white butler. The movie offers a glimpse of father-son relationship and life in white house. In this context, the movie aims at explaining how cultural differences form the basis of the plot, a brief summary of how the cultural differences influence the perceptions of cultural diversity as presented in the movie and the differences between perceptions and reality. Grab a popcorn dish, seat back and relax as you unfold a moving melodrama over a subtly subversive butler right at the heart of the presidents’ mansion.

The film kicks off by showcasing Cecil Gaines meditating his life story as he waits in the white house. Cecil was born and bred in Georgia to a poor family who depended on sharecropping for survival. Thomas Westfall, the owner of the farm where Cecil’s parents work rapes his mother and leaves her mute. His father succumbs to his death while confronting Westfall in an effort to defend the mother of his child, Hattie Pearl. Annabeth Westfall, the caretaker at the estate volunteers to take in Cecil and trains him to be a house servant.

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Cecil departs from the plantation in his teenage years, leaving his mute mother behind and breaks into a hotel pastry shop and is hired unexpectedly. He equips himself with new skills from Maynard, his master servant who later recommends him to another hotel in Washington D.C after many years of working experience. While working in Washington, he builds a relationship with Gloria, which later results into marriage. Two bundles of joy; Charlie and Louise are conceived out of their union.