Sample Marketing Essays On Leadership Styles and Employee Motivation

Homework Question on How do Leadership Styles Affect Employee Motivation?

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  1. How do leadership styles affect employee motivation?
  2. Why should managers know about motivation?
  3. Outline and define Maslow’s 5 Hierarchy of Needs
  4. Under Maslow’s theory what can chronic frustration of a person’s needs lead to
  5. Define and outline McGregor’s theory X and Y
  6. Outline Herzberg’s Hygiene theory
  7. List Herzberg’s 6 motivations
  8. Outline and define the Vroom’s expectancy theory

Homework Answer on How do Leadership Styles Affect Employee Motivation?

Motivation refers to the adoption of favorable aspects that are used to influence positive actions among persons within the organization. Various forms of motivation will be assumed in    different organizations depending on the nature of organization, and the number of personnel with the entities. The aspect of motivation is very instrumental in the realization of certain desired levels of organization performance. In most cases, motivation will be used by managers and other stakeholders in the organization in order to influence certain high levels of performance among employees.

The common measures of motivation include improvement of the working conditions, introducing the use of improved technologies, promotion opportunities, better remuneration plans, and other forms that will vary with the nature of the organization. The leadership plays a central role in the realization of various forms of motivation within the organization set up. This is attributed to the policy formulation roles of managers at various levels.

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In addition, the leadership of the organization is in charge of the daily operations of the entities, hence their key roles in the realization of these motivation plans. A number of theories and studies have been put forth by various scholars in strive to elucidate the involved aspects of human motivation within the organizations. In the light of this, the paper will explain certain pertinent roles that managers and leaders play in the course of realization of motivation facets in the organization.