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Homework Question on International Marketing

  • Refer to Case 3-4 “Continued Growth for Zara and Inditex” that can be found at
  1. Briefly describe at least five opportunities for continued growth during the next five years for Zara’s parent, Inditex SA.
  2. Tip: While brainstorming, pay particular attention to global distribution, production, and pricing solutions.

Homework Answer on International Marketing

To comprehend the open opportunities accessible in the next five years, it is vital to understand the way in which other contender’s of Inditex, SA are working. As the monetary criteria for operating a business in certain segments, the most widely recognized act is retreat. To begin with, the firm plans to increase the number of stores that they now have in numerous diverse nations.

This is the most regarded opportunity, because expenses are much lower in such economies, implying that as others are shutting stores and laying off faculty, there is an amazing open door to broaden creation and develop. The second opportunity is the purpose of working at a forceful level. Numerous retailers throughout the globe are diminishing their exertions to conform to administration choices for the absence of investment boom, so this is the time to get up and go at a forceful rate.

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Third, as contenders tighten, there will be fewer items to browse, which permit the Inditex, SA association to succeed at the absence of material on the rack. Not only will there be an insufficiency of products, but also less shades and style to satisfy the customer. This desire demonstrates the capacity to corner the business, and augment those outcomes at the expense of their rivals.Fourth, Inditex’s novel strategy of human knowledge aided IT results brings about  well-managed inventories, linkages between interest and supply, and decreased expenses from old stock; in any case, there is still opportunity to get better in their IT approaches to acknowledge more compelling administration of stock levels.