Sample Marketing Essays On IBM Boston Matrix

Homework Question on IBM Boston Matrix

  1. Discuss a product portfolio analysis For IBM using Boston matrix?
  2. Cash cow, stars, dog and Question Mark with a graph and examples of products in each stage.
  3. Discuss in one page only including the graph.

Homework Answer on IBM Boston Matrix

IBM can use the BCG matrix in planning their marketing strategies for its products in order to remain competitive in the market. The framework analyzes products in terms of market share and market growth in order to determine future marketing and sales planning.

The graph showing the Boston product matrix

Cash cows                                     

Cash cows are products characterized by high market share and low market growth (Schawel, & Billing, 2014). The products in this segment tend to operate in mature markets and hence they are well established. As a result, these products generate a lot of income to the business forming the basis of the company’s profitability (Schawel, & Billing, 2014).some of the products in IBM which are in this segment include technical support software and security machines. Therefore, IBM should take advantage of the cash cows products to gain maximum profit.

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Stars are products that have high market growth and high market share. As a result, these products are successive in the market and generate a lot of revenue for the products. Most of the software products in IBM are stars such as cloud computing software. A lot of investment in these products is required in order to increase the market growth, as well as market share. If IBM focus on these products and define good marketing strategies, these products have the potential to become cash cows in future (Schawel, & Billing, 2014).