Sample Marketing Essays On Ensuring Environmental Stability

Homework Question on Ensuring Environmental Stability

  1. Choose one of the Millennium goals from the eight Millennium Development Goals, and to come up with a specific new idea, invention, or platform to solve this problem.
  • I decided to choose the Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  • For this assignment, you will be submitting, at minimum, One(or more) versions of SCAMPER, with ONE question answered out of every letter category. It’s important to keep in mind that the whole point of this is that every answer should contain a specific new idea, invention, or platform thought up through your imagination and research.

Homework Answer on Ensuring Environmental Stability

  1. What can be substituted to ensure environmental stability?

The first government energy to participate in programs, such as the decisions based on energy transportation funding was the California Energy Commission. Members of California policy are on a mission to ensure that the next generation adopts the practices of alternative vehicle manufacturing, and fuel production to reduce destructive practices that result in environmental and social degradation.  The projects funded by Energy Commission reduce the life cycle of CGH emissions, enable public and market acceptance for the sustainable production of renewable and alternate fuels, and protects all the natural resources of environment.

What can be combined to multiply the possible uses of environmental sustainability?

Agroforestry and plantation are practices that ensure the continuous supply of oxygen into the atmosphere, which in turn has the magical technique of reducing the greenhouse gas emission. However, the seeds used to plant trees and other plantations are progressively becoming scarce, raising an alarm of what will become of our environment in future. As a result, botanists have come up with a new invention to help sustain the home of mankind.

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They have adopted micro popagation, which involves the practice of multiplying the material of stock plant to produce increased progeny plants. Micro popagation comes handy when multiplying novel plants, especially the bred conventional plant or the breeding adopted in genetically modified method. Through the invention of micro popagation, many clone plants are produced. An opportunity is created to produce plants that are free from diseases and plants, which generate seeds in uneconomical amounts are multiplied, hence advocating for environmental sustainability.