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Homework Question on E Marketing

  • Answer all the questions below:
  1. You have recently been appointed as Head of Marketing for Disney Games, a computer games distributor. a) As your first major task, you have been asked to discuss how you would use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. to market (30 marks) b) Using relevant segmentation strategies, discuss how you would segment the market for online games (30 marks)
  2. Imagine you are the National Sales Manager at Sainsbury Headquarters in Holborn, London. You were asked to train 5 new sales online executives and demonstrate a generic framework for the Internet marketing strategy development process. (a) Critically describe and compare the 3 main stages of the E-marketing Strategy formation to these 5 new sales executives.
  3. Draw a diagram to discuss the utility this e-marketing strategy framework (25 marks). (b) Discuss 3 ways of how E-marketing communications is different from traditional marketing communications. Give 3 examples from Sainsbury’s (15marks).

Homework Answer on E Marketing

Marketing using social media platforms

Globalization, development in technology, and the competition to be more innovative than other industry payers has contributed to the coming up of new marketing strategies by companies all over the world. One of the means through which businesses have maximized on available free technology applications is through the use of social media to market their businesses. Initially with the introduction of technology most businesses used mass email advertising by sending unsubscribed information to current and potential clients.

But most of the clients complained and they would spam such information leading to restriction on the effectiveness of such advertising and marketing campaigns (Castronovo & Huang, 2012).Nowadays, social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram and flicker allow for favorable marketing since it has so many users. In the recent past, facebook has earned over £500 billion from advertising revenue. This shows that companies are getting positive results from social media marketing or else they would not be spending so much money on it.

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Most fortune 500 companies are also making higher budgets for social media marketing in comparison to traditional forms of marketing (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). The young generation of individuals who form the target audience for Disney Games have higher trust levels and faith for the products that are advertised on social media in comparison to traditional forms of marketing.