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Homework Question on Destination Brand Equity (DBE): North Cyprus

  • The subject is Destination Brand Equity and Guests Satisfaction:
  1. I need 6 pages as Introduction and 7 pages as a shape of Literature Review  in the introduction 2 pages normal introduction and 4 pages background about North Cyprus as destination to tourist and about North Cyprus situation from the 3 dimensions (Political, Economic, and terrorist) also talk about north Cyprus hotels and how the hotels deals with those dimensions.
  2. In the Literature review part i need you to talk about the dimensions of the Destination Brand Equity (Political, Economic, and terrorist) and their effects on the customers (Guests) who are seeking hotels in North Cyprus
  3. Please make sure that all resources must be after the year 2004

Homework Answer on Destination Brand Equity (DBE): North Cyprus


North Cyprus is globally acknowledged as a tourist destination. It was established in 1940s and branded to engender that, the diverse products and services offered at this destination meet and fulfill tourists’ expectations. Destination images have been gathering momentum to ensure North Cyprus is effectively addressed and measured as a particular destination place thrilling to the visitors. Destination Brand Equity is a model developed to market tourist destinations including North Cyprus. Tourism developments are mainly influenced by core concepts applied to form and market brand (Salih, 2007).

According to Ching-Fu Chen, there is stiff competition in the tourism industry. Tourism and hospitality management boards have therefore developed various models to ensure consumers expand the growing interest to visit various destinations. Ching-Fu also asserts customer based equity models have been utilized since 1990 to market and promote tourism destinations. They derive customer perspectives with regards to the destination before raising awareness and discernment among interested tourists.

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This procedure is mainly undertaken through improvement of brand images and qualities. This is because it ensures customers’ attitudes and acknowledgements achieve and sustain destination brand loyalty. Destination brand equity with regards to North Cyprus focuses on two concepts namely, consumer perceptions and behaviors. Consumer perceptions involve brand imaging, awareness, and perceived quality levels. Conversely, consumer behaviors are allied to brand loyalty and level of satisfaction and inferred attributes (Ching-Fu, 2011).