Sample Marketing Essays On Decision-Making Attributes for Online Customers

Homework Question on Important Decision-Making Attributes for Online Customers

  1. What attributes are important in decision making to customers who buy online?

Homework Answer on Important Decision-Making Attributes for Online Customers

Problem Statement

People are dealt with using time pressure in the world today.  They appear to have minimal time to conduct many different activities.  For that reason, marketers are trying to make the experience of online shopping more comfortable and convenient.  Making the addition of Online Shopping Interactive Decision supports at online shops helps the customers to access information with ease than in traditional stores, which as well aids the user in the buying process and decision-making.  Also, the social media has helped the customers to source and share information which may help the customers in decision making.

Study objectives

This study examines the various important attributes that help the online shoppers in decision-making.  This research mainly focuses on the efficiency the customer has to trace information and the friendliness of the site and the tools, which helps in providing extensive information on a given product.

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Online Information concerning a product or a service should be sufficient to provide the customer with enough knowledge about it.  Thus, this study investigates whether;

H1- Information availability and online support tool have a positive and significant effect on the online shopping.

H1 -Are there connections between brand image attributes and customer decision making in an online setting?

H3 -Does the information exchanged in the social media have an impact on the customer decision-making in online shopping.