Sample Marketing Essays On Coca-Cola Campaign

Homework Question on Coca-Cola Campaign

  • Write a creative brief for your project. I created Coca-Cola campaign which is my project, and you can find everything that I created in the attachments and my strategy draft about this campaign.

Homework Answer on Coca-Cola Campaign

  1. Background Summary:

The advertisement created targets international passengers especially those arriving from abroad. Billboards are mounted at the airports and along highways,which reduces the cost incurred through mass advertising initiatives. Some of the weaknesses are language barrier and positioning the posters because the writing will be initially designed using the English language. An opportunity exists where the company explores new market that is the international travelers.

On the other hand, the biggest threat comes from Pepsi initiative in controlling pollution through waste management. Research carried out by prominent authors insinuates that marketing in airports is crucial for any company that needs to capture the international market.

  1. Overview:

The project involves creating posters for coca cola brands that reinforces the traditional means of advertising used by the organization.

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We need the project because it will present an opportunity to international travelers to make choices depending on the brand perception created during an advertising endeavor. Benefits attributed to this project include increased sales and market expansion.In addition, advertisement through social media helps share and connect to our customers. Our hash tag pages onTwitter generate ideas that we value as a company.