Sample Marketing Essays On Buzz Marketing

Homework Question on Buzz Marketing

  1. Distinguish between buzz, viral, and word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Give an example of each. Be insightful and don’t only list facts.
  • Be sure to cite your sources.
  • Limit to one page, single space

Homework Answer on Buzz Marketing

Businesses use marketing to communicate with their potential and their existing customers with main aim of selling their services and products to them (Hunt 7).  The primary role of marketing is to communicate the value of the service or product. Marketing usually takes various forms and three of them, namely; buzz, word-of-mouth and viral are discussed in this paper. These three confuses many people because they are closely related and it is not easy to explain one without touching on the other two.

Buzz Marketing

The term buzz comes from the word conversation. It is a form of marketing whereby word-of-mouth is maximized by setting a conducive platform for people to discuss a product (Thorne 45). People involved in the conversation may be customers, their families or the larger social media community having a conversation about a product or a service. These conversations are done on a wide scale and a company is able to generate huge online traffic, which in turn increase their chances of increasing their profits from the increased sales (Egan 32).

Homework Help

An example of buzz marketing would be a situation whereby, a beauty product manufacturer decides to promote its beauty product by inviting consumers to an event where they will be enlightened about the new product. After the event, these consumers are encouraged to share their experiences by talking about the product on a daily basis with their friends, on social media or any other online platform. Social media is still the main platform for buzz marketing, with Facebook and Twitter leading the way.