Sample Marketing Essays On Critical Thinking

Homework Question on Application and Critical Thinking 

Follow the guidelines below when providing answers to the Application and Critical Thinking Questions:

  • Use bold text to highlight key words/concepts/terms in your answers to demonstrate familiarity with the material covered in the textbook.
  • In addition to knowledge of the textbook content, your answers should also reflect independent research and critical thinking.
  • Most questions include multiple sections/parts. Be careful to address each section/part in your answer.
  • Avoid simple regurgitation of the textbook material. When required to provide examples, avoid using examples already discussed in the textbook.
  • Thorough answers for each question will typically require a minimum of 250 to 300 words.
  • While form should not overshadow function, defer to APA format (6th Edition). Helpful links: (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) Submit this assignment to this module’s dropbox by Sunday at 11:00 P.M.

Answer ALL questions.

  1. Describe the consumer decision-making process and discuss how you or your family used this process to make a major (significant) purchase e.g. an automobile, a new computer, etc. Describe the consumer decision-making process you used to purchase a convenience product (e.g. laundry detergent, breakfast cereal, soft drinks, etc). Do the two processes differ? How and why? Describe the level of involvement and the involvement factors likely to be associated with the two purchases.
  2. Review the black box model of buyer behavior. Which buyer characteristics that affect buyer behavior influence you the most when making a clothing purchase decision? Are these the same characteristics that would influence you when making a computer purchase?
  3. Create an idea for a new business. Using the steps described in the chapter, develop a customer-driven marketing strategy. Describe your strategy and conclude with a positioning statement for your business. PLEASE also use Marketing, An Introduction (11th edition) by Armstrong and Kotler as a reference

Homework Answer on Application and Critical Thinking

Question One

The process of making decisions in customers is a vital one and bears five significant steps. The first step in this process is the recognition of the problem recognition, the second step entails searching for the information, the third step concerns making an evaluation as well as selection among the alternatives, the fourth step involves the implementation of the decision, and lastly, the fifth step involves posting the purchase evaluation. These five processes are as shown below.

This process begins when the buyer identifies a problem or need, he or she then embarks on searching the information. The consumer then evaluates and makes selections on the various brands. For the consumer to buy an item, she or he must make a selection of specific items as well as outlets in efforts to solve the problems (Armstrong and Kotler, 2000). My nephew, an employee at a local bank has owned a phone for many years now. He makes a decision in order to buy a new handset.

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As his first step, he embarks through having a feeling that his handset is old-fashioned in order to match his need requirements, and therefore, decides to buy a new one (recognition the problem). He talks to some of his friends concerning buying a new phone and various types of phones (information research). He goes online and compares various models in terms of prices, user ratings, as well as features (information evaluation). He then makes his choice, which is based on the feature he looked for (decision implementation.