Sample Marketing Essays On Advertising Appeals

Homework Question on Advertising Appeals

  • An advertising appeal identifies a reason for a person to buy a product. Review the various appeals that are used in advertising in your text.
  1. Describe two advertising commercials you saw and the appeals they used. If you don’t have or watch television, then find advertising examples online.

Homework Answer on Advertising Appeals

Advertising appeals are important to draw the attention of potential customers. They also influence a potential customer to buy a product from a certain company. They are varied from humor appeals, rational appeals, fear appeals, sex appeals to bandwagon propaganda appeals. Humor appeals are those that excite the consumer and makes results in laughing. This creates an emotional link to the product leading to need to purchase it.

Commonly purchased items like soft drinks and mobile phones are suited for the appeal. Rational appeals are rational appeals that focus on the consumer’s need for a practical and functioning product. This is done with focus on the product’s features and cost. The appeals indicate the benefits of using the product and proof to support the claims for example household manufacturers place emphasis on aspects of the product that protect the environment and lower home utility costs.

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Fear appeals are those that target bad outcomes out of use or not using certain items. It may also be used to discourage certain behavior and to encourage others. Smoking and unhealthy eating may be discouraged by fear appeals. Sex appeals are those that seek attention. They convey the message to the targeted demographic group. For example, advertisements directed to men are mostly accompanied by sex appeals such as beer advertisements.