Sample Marketing Essay Paper on The Ritz Carlton Social Media

The Ritz Carlton Social Media

The new age of luxury hotel marketing supports social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Ritz-Carlton is a recent wave of the innovative marketing strategies, with social media at the center of this form of business. The company introduced its first brand in the social media in April 2009. Both qualified and unqualified customers paid a keen eye on this brand, but Ritz-Carlton focused on developing an audience of enthusiastic travel, luxury and brand fanatics with whom they would be involved in the daily conversation.  

Social media presents an enabling environment where members of an organization or society initiate conversations even when they are a distant apart. Ritz-Carlton applied the same analogy to guests, fans, and followers, as a natural extension to promote long-time interaction. By implementing social media experience in the business operation, Ritz-Carlton remains in a better position to understand the needs of their consumers. Each social network is designed such that it produces insightful information that enables customers to be engaged. For instance, the hash tags that come with tweets and retweets helps the company to attend to an inquiry about a given service or inspires the consumers to discover new adventures by traveling.

Creating unique experiences to the consumers leaves indelible memories, thus guaranteeing a comeback for additional services. This aspect has enabled Ritz-Carlton to boast a proven track record of bringing customers in one event irrespective of sharing diverse locations. An increase in effectiveness of each social platform is directly connected to the returns made. For instance, with the use of Instagram and Facebook Page to share brand memories, the organization revenues has increased by an average of 12%. On September 16th, 2011, the company laid a foundation of its brand repositioning by launching a $10 million project. This investment has been vital to the company by maintaining a long-term understanding and interaction with the clients all over the world.