Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Markets and Customers: Market Boundaries; Target Marketing

Week 1 Discussion Assignment

Packaged ice is an important commodity which is used in daily activities by people. This product has been in the market since the invention of refrigerators. Most people can afford packaged ice either bought from a local store or processed at home. Making and selling of packaged ice are based on a business-to-business (B2B) model. As the new manager, I wish to introduce a different line of consumers including sports personnel and home users. Identifying new target audiences will broaden the consumer base of making and selling packaged ice.

Some processing firms offer packaged ice which is used for different purposes. Some households use packaged ice to store perishable food products to avoid additional expenses in electricity. This new line of consumers will include households that cannot afford refrigerators for food preservation (Patti, et al. 2017). This is a market audience that will be served with a specially packaged ice that meets the needs of food preservation.

Different packaging designs will be considered for different types of perishable foods. Similarly, sports personnel will include a new target audience (Payne, Frow & Eggert, 2017). There are many instances that sportspeople suffer physical injuries. Medical practitioners recommend icing a physical injury such as muscle pain. The chilling effect results in pain relief that allows an athlete or footballer to be active for a while.

Distributing packaged ice to retail stores, restaurants and food distributors has generated adequate revenue in the organization. Local sportspeople have no direct access to ice that is recommended during instances of physical injuries. Packaged ice will be introduced to the new line of consumers as a means of increasing the operational scale (Lancaster & Massingham, 2017). Consumers of new packaged ice will benefit from locally available products from local stores. The products will reduce food preservation costs that add up to monthly electricity bills.


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