Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

An excellent marketing strategy is anchored on social listening and benchmarking activities of competitors. It is also important to attach usefulness of a product before the eyes of customers so as to create brand recognition to exude brand loyalty. Most entrepreneurs often start with the product then link different strategies to it so as to reach and convince target clients. A company can effectively differentiate its products from the competitors by having a different pricing strategy because some products may easily sell if they are cheap. Moreover, it has been revealed that differentiation can be in the form of niche segment; this will ensure domination in the industry (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). Consequently, a company can incorporate innovation on its products to make them different in the eyes of customers.

Studies have established that an effective marketing strategy will effectively define directional goals of products and marketing (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). In this marketing strategy, the product is Paper Disposal Diapers whose packaging will be done using papers. This differentiates the product from those of competitors it is cheap and environmentally friendly. Pricing of the product will be arrived at through economy pricing that will ensure the product is cheap and affordable to most people. This is because the product is manufactured from paper and not polythene, this is considerably cheap. Place for the product will be retail stores, shop and online marketplace. Promotion of the product will be done courtesy advertisements, posters, billboards and social-media platforms. This is crucial in ensuring that customers are aware of the product and all it appertains to. It is also important to affirm that the company should create a public relations department to address customer queries.

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