Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Marketing on Social Media

Marketing on Social Media

Social media platforms have revolutionized marketing and many companies are using the sites to promote their products and interact with clients. In my opinion, a company needs to be part of the major social media platforms for a number of beneficial reasons. Social media has profited many companies in helping them reach out to millions of customers around the globe using the least amount of resources.

Cost Effective Marketing

, Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are effective for posting advertisements for free. The companies using social media platforms are able to save when compared to those using the traditional forms of advertisements such as print. The latter form requires a lot more money, thus using social media allows for savings, ultimately contributing to profitability (Kerin, 2016).

Engaging with Customers

Traditional forms of marketing for companies did not allow for responses. Moreover, these marketing strategies could not be changed unlike the use of social media through which one can change the contents of an idea by the press of a button. Companies are also able to get feedback concerning services and products. This allows for a two way communication between clients and the company as well as the exchange of ideas on product improvement. Social media reaches millions of people so a company can convey branding messages to a larger audience. The companies post photos and videos that can be shared through social media and this attracts new clients easily. In addition, the major social media platforms reaches people from different parts of the world and interprets advertisements into their native languages, thus reducing the cost of hiring experts and skilled labor.


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