Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Coca-Cola Company

How Coca-Cola uses Social and Digital Platforms as part of Integrated Media Communication

            The success story of the Coca-Cola Company is purely based on its market genius. The company has utilized the idea that people tend to find personalized downright irresistible. After many years of experiencing a vulnerable beginning, the company has successfully infiltrated social media and digital platforms as part of its integrated media communication.

            The integrated components used by the company are print media, television advertisement, and social media marketing. The approach embraced by the company uses a marketing mix of advertisement and web-based interactive marketing and sales promotion. The use of social media platforms has been more pronounced in the company which has made the company recognizable across the globe. Some common social networks used are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.  Coca-Cola has more than 64 million fans on its Facebook page and has used the privilege to maintain its brand image. Coca-Cola’s efforts have been to keep a good customer relationship by being close to the customers in their day-to-day life. For instance, the company uses social media to publicize its charity works such as helping the Arctic and promoting Coke’s polar bear. Through their social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, the messages to the potential customers are often based on the same values: fun, happiness, sharing, and coke tradition. The familiar slogans used are “Life tastes good”, “Open happiness” among others (Huguet, 2018).  The company has established a good rapport with customers by maintaining communication connections, and customers have been persuaded to use their products. Various ads are constantly flashed on websites of targeted clients which gives information about the product. There are also other applications such as “When will happiness strike” which provides a video reel for customers.

            Coca-Cola Company has won the loyalty of customers by investing heavily in integrated media communication and has achieved the objectives of a marketing campaign. The use of social media platforms and digital media has been one of the factors for growth in the company and has outdone many competitors.


Huguet, J. (2018). Great companies, great returns: The breakthrough investing strategy that produces great returns over the long-term cycle of bull and bear markets based on the twelve traits of all great companies. New York: Broadway Books.