Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Business Plan

Business Plan

Infographics involve the visually captivating representation of information, facts and data by combining text and images. It can get employed when presenting reports, in research, blog and newsletters. The method enables the communication of complex data in a simple and summarized form.

Infographics catch the eye as opposed to the usual long and boring text. Whenever the attention of the reader gets caught, he gets to know the information that is getting relayed. Researches show that ninety percent of the information that the brain receives is visual. People respond better to visual information than to plain text. Additionally, the graphics enable a viewer to draw conclusions and relationships more quickly and easily (Smiciklas, 2012).

As opposed to plain text, graphics easily get shared on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Whenever infographics from a site get shared, if the link to the site is available, it has the effect of increasing traffic to the website. Whoever uses graphics effectively displays his expertise at the field. As such, he can win the confidence of those who read it and make sales. They also have the additional advantage of global coverage.

Whenever a business uses graphics to market a product, it has to make sure that the story is simple and easy to follow. That will make it appealing to people who do not have much time to go into the small details of the subject. The idea getting presented should be coherent. The message should be passed quickly before one’s attention gets drifted. That implies that it should be flowing. It is important that all facts relating to the subject matter get researched properly. Make conclusions on the message being presented. It is also very important to include your URL.

Mac for the blind is a site for the blind people, users and potential users of Mackintosh computers or IOS devices. It provides information to the blind about the available products that can be of help to them. The use of infographics on such a site will help the users to get the relevant information quickly.

In using infographics on the various social sites, it is important to observe the norms that will help it make the most, by increasing its customer base. The strategy has to clear to avoid distraction and to also make it assessable over time. In order to remain relevant and also keep your followers engaged, the business has to release regular updates(Evans & McKee, 2010). These have to be about development and release of new products that will interest your customers.

The social media manager will be helpful to ensure the followers on the internet get converted into consumers. The business should consider being active on one major social site that has many users. Facebook with its over one billion users would be good. Whenever a number of social platforms get used, it may become necessary to change aspects of the posts to cater for the clients who may be active on all the media (Evans & McKee, 2010).

The long term vision of the business should be to convert the followers into customers. Towards this sharing regular posts will be effective. However, too many updates will turn people off, and their interest in them will wane. Manual posts become tedious, and the social media manager should be able to manage everything from one screen.


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