Sample Marketing Essay Paper on Advertising and Promotion Strategy

Advertising and Promotion Strategy

The Features and Benefits the Product/Company

The aim of EducAid is to provide assistance, education, and training to Syrian refugees. Thus, the non-profit organization will improve the lives of families by ensuring that they have unlimited access to education, shelter, and cooking. The targeted consumers (refugees of the Syrian origin) will benefit from job opportunities, English Courses, in addition to being provided with the basic human needs. English Courses will equip them with adequate communication skills, and be competitive in the labour market. Potential benefits to the Syrian refugees are: food and shelter, saving lives, opportunities to advance themselves, and job opportunities within the organization. Thus, the consumers will have a salary, and financial freedom required to support their livelihoods. In addition, the Syrian society will be provided an opportunity toengage in productive activities, hence improving their wellbeing and welfare. The product is special because providing classes for refugees will equip them with trade and business skills.

Advertising Appeals

The following are the emotional and rational appeals for the organization.

  1. Caring for humanity and improving the livelihoods of the less-fortunate.
  2. Will you help me improve the livelihood of the Syrian? Give a family a chance.

The two appeals make a positive impression on and they are both desirable to the targeted market (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2008). In addition, they are exclusive because consumers can distinguish the message of the advertiser with that of competitors. Lastly, the second appeal is more appealing, which makes it believable.

The use of the emotive appeal is the most effective in this case because they help connect a donor with a cause (Hudson, 2013). In addition, positive emotions are effective tools to enhance behavioral change in the society. In this context, the most appropriate appeal that is going to be the unique selling proposition is: “Will you help me improve the livelihood of the Syrian? Give a family a chance.”The slogan is: “Education improves livelihoods”.

Executional Style: With regard to the advertisement and promotion, slice of life will be used to promote the emotional appeal. This is because it shows the problem that is being faced and alternative solution that can be used to solve the issue (Kivinen, 2014). For instance, a woman with a child surrounded by a background of the worn torn Syria with the slogan can effectively attract the targeted audience as well as possible donors and other NGOs to be part of our goal.

Tools for Consumer and Trade Sales Promotion

To reach the targeted audience, the consumer-oriented promotion tools and trade-oriented sales promotion will be applied. The tools used are personality promotions, which will be used to attract a greater number of customers and promote the sale. For instance, famous personality will be used as an ambassador to the product, hence attracting the segment targeted by the organization. On the other hand, trade-oriented sales promotion will be used to motivate and sell more of the organization’s brand in order to create a competitive advantage. Conferences will be used to attract targeted population (women, children, widows, and orphans in Syria). Only three market segments have been identified. The segment targeting women of all ages and children up to 17 years of age are more likely to be responsive because of the needs they have. The advertising tools used are different from those used by competitors in the market because it focuses on a specific group and seeks to help women and children gain the availability to resources that will help them develop skills and education.


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