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Woolworths is the largest chain of supermarkets in the Australia. The supermarket chain was built based on the premise that every woman, man and child should have access to a place where they can shop cheaply. The chain boasts several products, the most prominent of which are food, general merchandise and liquor. Because it aims at being a market leader among super market chains, the company has engaged in the acquisition of many other supermarkets. In addition to this, the company carries out several marketing and promotion activities to achieve its objectives. The advancement in technology has also made this even easier for the company. The company uses various technologies to advance the shopping experience of customers. Aspects such as online shopping have been integrated into the supermarket operations to enable the company achieve its objectives (Philip and others 402-405).

Woolworths uses different marketing strategies to get their products to the Australian target market. One of the key strategies used is the innovation in stores. Initially, the supermarkets offered limited food materials. The most common was meat. However, the supermarket has effectively come up with a strategy that involves increase in the range of food materials provided at the counter and within the supermarkets. This diversity in products has enabled the company to gain access to a greater market share.

In addition to this, the company has intensified its online marketing efforts. The company has advanced its technology to enable the customers place orders online, pay online and have their orders delivered at their convenience. In addition to this, Woolworths has also rebranded through change of identification; reduced prices as a promotional strategy and expanded into new markets (Vincent-Wayne and Papavassiliou 319 – 342). To further enhance its market shares, the company has also engaged in various quality controls and reduced wastage among other practices.



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