Sample Marketing Essay Summary on Advertising Trends in Public Relations

Advertising Trends in Public Relations

Initially, Public Relations (PR) activities involved majorly contact between PR professionals and various media persons. The media persons included outlets such as television, internet service providers and magazines. In contemporary times, PR practices are constantly changing due to the realization that besides marketing products, businesses also have to market themselves. Businesses also modify their actions and attitude to match the market demands (James 139).

With the emerging trends in PR, various issues have also been emerging. For instance, social media is one of the trends that are currently being used in addressing PR practices. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are being used by organizations to monitor and control their PR activities. In spite of acting as a communication media between customers and organizations, social media use in PR poses significant threats to businesses. For instance, the use of social media in PR has made the practice a 24 hour job as professionals are required to respond to negative claims on the social media sites immediately to avoid negative PR.

Another aspect that was previously used by organizations to achieve great PR was website development. However, this was considered pressurizing. With the emergence of new technologies such as CMCs, website development has become easy. Updating website information is also becoming easy for the PR personnel. In addition to updating information, PR personnel subscribe to constant RSS feeds to obtain information that may be relevant to the site instead of searching for information. Corporate blogs are also used by organizations as a form of PR development practice. The blogs allow organizations to update information that is pertinent to organizational development. In addition to this, the emergence of free blog services enables organizations to use the services effectively (Scott 108).


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