Sample Marketing Coursework Paper on Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

Company: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft’s major strength is that it produces the best and unique brands in the market. The corporation is among the top providers of software and hardware products and services. It concentrates on creating, manufacturing, authorizing, marketing and championing software products globally. This has made it possible for the company to stay ahead of its competitors. The greatest weakness is that its remarkable team did not expect the rise of the Internet to be an experience that would dominate the world. It also failed to read the market signs concerning mobile computing.


Microsoft Corporation will soon release a new product called the Surface Pro 5. The product has special features that will make users to have an easy time browsing the Internet and utilizing several computer applications like Microsoft Office and internet browsers since it has modernized version of Windows 10. However, the majority of customers who have utilized Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, (an old product) might disregard the new brand by thinking that it is more or less the same thing.


Microsoft’s products satisfy the needs of people interested in new technologies for ease operation and to minimize the need for much work. For example, Surface Pro 5 entices people who are inquisitive about technology and new brands in the market. However, since Microsoft’s products are suitable for people with a high comprehension level in application of modern technology, those who are more than 50 years with no technological experience might not be able to benefit. An ethical issue that arises in Microsoft Corporation is numerous unresolved cases against it. It is involved in many legal proceeding associated with product design and performance liability.


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