Sample Marketing Coursework Paper on Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Airline Business

Positioning Statement: A world-class Airline that listens to customer needs thorough differentiation and continuous improvement of quality.

Positioning Strategy: Stiff competition characterizes the Airline industry. For a business to survive in such market, it has to articulate its branding strategy so as to differentiate its services and products against their competitors (Armstrong, 2009 p.81). The best way to achieve this is through aligning the company’s brand with a unique value proposition. An Airline business can strategically position itself through effective communication. It should ensure that the differences are communicated to their customers so as to retain brand loyalty.

Recreation Center/Gym

Positioning Statement: Corporate Fitness is one of the best initiatives that can drive business to achieve it set goals as it gifts the workforce with good health and fitness.

Positioning Strategy: The Company can position itself by targeting corporate businesses and creating a wellness strategy. Statistics showing improved performance and reduced costs can lead to many firms implementing a recreational culture in their programs.


Positioning Statement: Serving the best bar/coffee in town where people can refresh after work.

Positioning Strategy: Since the business targets the working-class people, it must conduct an awareness through advertisement. It can be done on social platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, and TV so as to attract targeted niche.

Vacation Destinations

Positioning Statement: Taking you to incredible destinations and offering you unsurpassed service for your value.

Positioning Strategy: For the business to thrive in a saturated market, the business has to pay keen interest in satisfying customer needs. The business has to strategize through online marketing to attract clients who need to enjoy their unique services. As well, advertisement on various platforms can help to create awareness to potential customers.


Positioning Statement: Offering you tasty and unique Chocolate to surprise your sweetheart every day.

Positioning Strategy: The business targets those individuals who want to show care and love for others. Therefore, the best place to advertise such business is through social platforms like Tweeter, and Facebook where many people interact. Attaching value and tasty to the advert will attract more customers who may want to try out the Cholate.


Armstrong, G. (2009). Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education.