Sample Marketing Case Study Paper on All Rounds Vs Competitors

All rounds Vs Competitors

Allrounds is a company that deals with the manufacture and distribution of consumable packaged products, example soaps, detergents, and shampoo. Additionally, the company deals with the global distribution of All-star products with its stronghold in Europe. Finally, it also produces and distributes ethical and over the counter medical products around the globe. This line of business is competitive and dynamic; therefore, in order to thrive in the industry, having competitive advantage cannot be underestimated.

In the pharmaceutical and consumable products field, shelf and display space commanded by a company is significant since it is through display that the nonloyal customers are swayed. Allrounds has been differentiated from its competitors through carrying out an extensive SWOT analysis, which provides an overview of the competitive advantage that the company is enjoying and the risks that will make it lose its market grip. From the SWOT analysis, the strategies used by competitors are evaluated and a counter mechanism is developed, illustratively, it leads to the establishment of marketing strategies that will ensure that it’s products dominates in the retailers’ shelf, both in breath and in depth. Analysis of the competitor’s market mix decision, their performance, and the resources has helped to understand the competitor’s intent and therefore, enabling for the development of counter strategies. Allrounds is also differentiated from its competitors from the way they approach the customers and the supply channels. This has been enhanced by an in-depth analysis of who the customers are, what their specific needs are, and how they make decisions concerning a product. Understanding of the consumer and their needs helps to determine the supply chain to be adapted and the motivation to incorporate into the channel. This information leads to the determination of the discounts, turnovers, allowances, and support that may be given to retailers hence motivating them to increase shelf occupancy of particular products.