Sample Marketing Case Studies Paper on Bahrain Bay’s Case

Question One

            Marketing tools refer to the strategies developed by companies to gain a large market share by through product development and marketing strategies (Durmuşoğlu and Barczak 328). Based on the Bahrain Bay’s Case, businesses can define their marketing tools referring to the philosophies developed by the company. One of the philosophies is investment in social equity, to create an environment where opportunities for all exist. The second philosophy is the importance of focusing on sales and aesthetics to create a stimulating environment. The third philosophy is community development, which aims at creating products that enhance the development and sustainability of communities. The last philosophy is environmental responsibility, which entails conscious decisions against environmental pollution.  A real life example is the application of the philosophy on environmental concern, as it attracts and retains consumers.

Question two

            Bahrain Bay’s mission is reflected in the activities that it prioritizes such as community development and environmental protection. The mission of any given company is indicated by the nature of activities carried out and their impact on the society (Crane, Matten and Spence 20). In the case of Bahrain Bay’s case, the mission is to create a developed and sustainable community through provision of high quality products.  A real world example of an organization whose mission is defined by the activities it conducts is World Vision. The NGO’s mission is to eradicate poverty by empowering communities, and this is evident from the activities that the company conducts.

Question three

            MIPIM refers to a trade event that involves the participation of major players in the property market.  One of the factors that attract the participants to the event is the fact that they get to network with other players in the same industry and this may lead to profitable mergers or buyouts in future (O’Reilly and Horning 431). The event also serves as a learning platform for the investors as they exchange information about their experiences. It is important for Bahrain Bay to target its future clients, retailers, investors and developers as they influence the company’s sustainability. Advantest Corporation is an example of companies that have succeeded through meeting potential clients, investors and developers during MIPI.

Question four

            Foreign or overseas investors conduct through research before committing their resources to projects to ensure their viability. Among the factors that influence the decisions of investors include the future cash flows that the project is likely to generate. In the current case, the kingdom of Bahrain attracts the foreign investors due to stable economic status. The stability of economy is an indication of a good working environment because of ready market for products. This gives foreign companies the confidence to invest as the profitability is almost guaranteed. A real world example of a region that has succeeded in attracting foreign investors due to economic stability is Poland (Alfaro and Charlton 198).

Question five

            An inward foreign investment is characterized by purchase of local products by foreign companies. The foreign companies consider a number of factors before making the purchases, among them, the quality of products and services provided. To attract the investors, companies must ensure that they are better than the competing firms. Bahrain Financial Harbour and Bahrain City Center are among the closest competitors for the foreign investments as they contribute most to the growth of the country’s real estate sector. Real world example of a region that attracts foreign investors in India is Gujarat, with a capital investment of about $12.36 billion (Alguacil, Cuadros and Orts 485).

Question six

            Football sponsorship relates to the promotion aspect of the marketing mix, which is aimed at creating a positive appeal about the company so as to attract more customers while retaining the existing ones. Among the primary objectives of the football sponsorships is to inform large audiences about the existence of the company. The sponsorship also communicates the company’s mission to the world, which increases its market share. Hyundai Motors is an example of companies that use football sponsorships to communicate to the potential and existing clients about their activities (O’Reilly and Horning 426). The marketing mix effort has been efficient in promoting the success of the company as it has increased its market share worldwide over the years.

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