Sample Marketing Admission Essay Paper

In the short-term, my goal is to further my knowledge in marketing analytics to solve some of the challenges in the business industry, especially those that involve the heavy industry. My long-term goal is to design a business and marketing model in the heavy industry. This is because I find some of the business models and marketing skills in the heavy markets to be entirely obsolete. Without a clearly defined marketing strategy using recent tools, it renders it hard for companies in this highly competitive sector to grow their revenues.

The alumni network at the Simon School of Business, with its far-reaching global network, will always be at hand providing me with opportunities to establish meaningful contributions and connections, should my short term goal not be immediately achievable. Specifically, I will aim at offering consultation services such as digital marketing strategies in the business industry. Not only will this help me in becoming a key business advisor, but also it will be critical in engaging with clients and creating partnerships.

My past education has laid a solid foundation in propelling me through the ranks in my career. While pursuing my Bachelor in Business Administration at Seattle University, I majored in Business Policy, Marketing, and International Management which helped me develop critical thinking skills and innovative approaches which opened up my mind to the business world. While my bachelor’s degree gave me the academic pedigree to pursue business, extenuating circumstances at work have given me an invigorating experience to gain insight into how business is conducted in its entirety. Specifically, Early on in my career, I worked as a Supply Chain Specialist Intern where I was tasked with data analysis of the manufactured products to improve and accelerate the supply chain process. Afterward, at MagnaDrive Co. Ltd, I served in the ranks of an assistant marketing manager and a management trainee. Serving in these roles, I steered the company in realizing a 5% gross margin improvement by optimizing the business operations through the application of a competitive product marketing information strategy. I was also tasked with managing national tradeshows for more than 5 large-scale exhibitions annually; such as the 2019 Shanghai China International Import Export which aided me in gaining insight into management approaches. Further, I was able to establish global networking for the organization whereby I created a partnership with 5 international corporations which helped me in learning the nuances of business from a global perspective. I believe these opportunities were essential in sharpening my marketing and managerial skills at a higher notch.

Simon’s business program has unique features that fascinate me. Its unique curriculum which contains an assortment of economics, financial management and business administration will enable me to come up with distinctive business solutions. A course like advanced business modeling will enhance my problem-solving skills. Professional communication skills taught at the institute as part of the master’s program will be pertinent in building and reinforcing the vital management skills necessary in my career. I am assertive that the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program at Simon’s school will equip me with the essential business training and skills required to adapt to the fast-changing business world.