Sample Management Paper Summary on The ZigZag Principle by Christiansen

The ZigZag Principle written by Christiansen

In the book ‘The ZigZag Principle’, Christiansen explains how it is possible to achieve flourish in entrepreneurship through the application of common principles such as business effectiveness, goal setting, team inspiration and addition of resources. The author suggests that for any budding entrepreneur, these principles should serve as the roadmap to business success. The rationale behind the provision of these guidelines in each chapter of the book is to explain to the intending entrepreneur that the road to business success cannot be straight and therefore actions and thoughts should not be taken as straight. By reading the book, I came to realize that the book offers deep insight for any person intending to join business.

One of the most touching facts presented in the book is the need to achieve profitability prior to scaling the business. The author opines that some businesses fail because the entrepreneurs are more eager to grow the business in terms of physical expansion before identifying the sources of profitability. The author suggests that this could be a set up for failure, especially where one scales blindly without the possibility of profitability.

In order to achieve sustainable growth, Christiansen explains that any entrepreneur should identify the sources of profits for his/ her business before thinking of the need to expand. This makes it important for business operations to be able to recognize the most dependable model for business profitability prior to investing in scaling the business. This concept can also be applied in family life. Most people aim at expanding their projects before adding value to the little things that make life count such as family. It is always important to notice the factors that act as guardrails in life and hence walk within those guardrails to achieve greater profitability.

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