Sample Management Paper on Strategic Alternative Review – Recommendations

This analysis is part of the report and is a continuation to a previous report (539 Spring 2023 rev 1 – attached) and the data (LondonViewershipOptimization_Viewership_Revenue_LossOfValue – attached). The functional analysis for both parts is strictly restricted to the National Football League (NFL) as a company. Strictly use the (539 Spring 2023 rev 1 – attached) and the data (LondonViewershipOptimization_Viewership_Revenue_LossOfValue – attached) as a core and guide for both parts. The strategic alternative review report is going to provide recommendations (Short- and long-term; Note: recommendations should NOT have been implemented already by the company) to the the National Football League (NFL). Use Lessons 7 – 12 (attached) as a guide for this analysis. Lesson 12 may be the best guide for the strategic alternative review.