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Homework Question on Role of Federal Government in Crisis and Emergency

  • Planning and Operations in Crisis and Emergency Management
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Homework Answer on Role of Federal Government in Crisis and Emergency


Emergency management involves all measures taken when mitigating, avoiding and dealing with risk when it occurs.There are different events and situations which involves emergency management. It is well known that emergency management is paramount to the welfare of all citizens and as a result, it should be integrated into day to day decisions rather than being addressed when responding to major disasters.

Emergency management falls under one of the major core roles of government. According to the constitution, State was initially tasked with taking responsibility of issues affecting public health and safety thereby making it responsible and responsive to any public risk. The federal Government assumed secondary role in issues relating to public risks and as a result, it was obliged to assist when State and local organization become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disaster (Farazmand, 2014).

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Due to changes in political philosophies with time, and also changes in National development, Federal Government role in emergency management has increased and as a result becoming the highly funded program that currently exists. It is realistic to call upon the States and local organization to contribute towards the costs of recovery since the burden has been increasing and becoming huge with time.