Sample Management Paper on Project Success


a)    A project success should always be monitored and made sure that it has reached the expected standards in the outcome. The project is monitored using monitoring tools and techniques, for example, tracking quantitative metrics i.e. Spreadsheets, project applications. Quantitative metrics such as questionnaires and interviews are also applied and tracked. A project is monitored by one, making sure that the projects are on mentorship throughout which involves setting things in place and following up to increase the effectively of the project. It should also be monitored by gathering the right data to define the monitoring framework clearly. A project is also supervised by assigning oversight responsibilities to increase the effectively of the control process. Appropriate monitoring tools are also put in place and implemented to aid the control process. A project scorecard is simply a strategic management and planning system. It aligns the activities and strategies and visions of the project alongside the objectives. It, however, promotes internal and external communication. It revolves around the stakeholders, financial stewards, internal business projects, vision, and strategy and organizational capacity.

b)    A program management should always be put in place in an organization because it has beneficial purposes and Importance. It helps in the evolution and adoption of technology in the projects. A program management also increases the efficiency of a project because it aligns duties and responsibilities accordingly and reduces chances of confusion in the project. It also helps in controlling over the project and aids monitoring. The program also ensures that all the practices in the project are executed in order and effectiveness. It also helps in the valuation of real leadership and creation of awareness on the risks in project delivery. Finally, it enables the organization to run multiple and related projects at the same time to achieve a common aim.