Sample Management Paper on Project Delivery Methods

assignment should cover the following topic:

Project Delivery Methods

In this report you are supposed to define multiple (at least two) Project Delivery Methods and explain their use in construction industry.
For instance, you can compare Design Bid Build and Design-Build approach considering buildings projects

please feel free to base the report on the review of literature. By reviewing literature, you can identify some case studies ( about buildings construction ) to write the report about the different Project Delivery Methods in projects, and the problems, issues, adequacy of those methods for the type of projects you choose.

you must provide at least 7 references in the report. The word limit (1100 words) excludes the Reference section. You can discuss the topic of Project Delivery Methods whichever way you like.

Contents to be followed
Project Delivery Methods

I need APA citations and please reference at the end of the page