Sample Management Paper on Personal Development Plan

Vision and Opportunity

A personal development plan is a list of activities that help individuals with self-knowledge and identity, as well as develop potential and talents that build the human capacity and increase employability. My development plan will start with an introduction and my career path and future objectives.

Career Goal

My career goal is to become a certified Financial Accountant in a recognized national or international company in this country. I want to receive the marketing accreditation from the best institutions in the country. Moreover, I want to achieve this by obtaining a master’s degree in financial accounting from a top-ranked university. I am aiming to accomplish this by completing my bachelor’s degree in financial accounting in April next year. After attaining my first degree in financial accounting, I will seek to apply in a well-paying job from one of the leading accounting firms in this country, and after I get the job, I will begin to count myself as being on the path to attain success in life.

Professional goals

 My short-term professional goal is to improve my career by attaining a master’s degree in financial accounting and getting accreditation from the concerned legal authorities. Once this is achieved, it will significantly enhance my terms of service, build my confidence, and help me to provide a wide range of marketing services as well as increase my knowledge scope. Additionally, my long-term goal is to be a top lead accountant in an internationally renowned company which I plan to achieve after acquiring my master’s degree.

Questions that guide my personal goals include;

  1. How can I create an impact on the accounting field?
  2. What do I love most when it comes to doing business?
  3. What are my strengths and weaknesses regarding communication?

My Skills

To identify my needs, strengths, feelings, weaknesses, and attitudes, I will need adequate self-awareness that will help me to actively utilize and determine a wide range of all the available and necessary skills to achieve my goals.

The Market that Aligns with my Skills

I see a bright future in financial accounting especially within an international organization because they will significantly improve my communication skills and build my confidence. I believe accounting involves a lot of interaction with customers and stakeholders in various sectors of the economy.

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

Market Positioning Statement

Regarding the financial market, increased experience in technological integration and the ability to adequately solve unemployment issues by providing intelligent information systems that can help with knowledge of the available resources and capital that is accessible to young entrepreneurs.

Compelling Value

I love to collaborate with individuals who are forward focused and revved up corporate leaders who know their next destination. Together, we can create, strategically establish, and position vibrant organizations and career marketing communications with attributes that distinguish the unique value proposition from their engagement. Additionally, I am passionate and compassionate to inspire less experienced and learning individuals to unleash their potential. I am also dedicated to energizing innovative people and companies with the manufacturing and services industries.


Using my innovative and holistic business insight, I can help my customers and the organization to realize their goals and objectives. I help organizations and individuals make the most of their skills and talents. I am a straight shooter, and I work as part of the team, and I am not afraid to have a tough conversation. I also believe that individuals are much more valuable and capable than they get credit for.

Risk Mitigation Elements

  1. Position myself for success.
  2. Present my vision successfully.
  3. Synchronize employer expectations and achieve concurrence on the plan and work design.
  4. Identify significant financial risks and out-of-tolerance conditions.

Evaluation of the Attainment Checkpoints and Milestones

Assessment and evaluation of success will be based on the progress achieved by both the targeted beneficiaries and the financial institution. Consequently, some of the milestones and indicators of achievement include

  1. Reduced financial errors in my work area.
  2. Enhance capital resources intake.
  3. Increase the number of entrepreneurs by providing adequate financial resources and guidelines.

External Factors

Bad habits can halt my success and forward momentum in my accounting career. Habits such as getting hooked on television programs and the internet can adversely affect my ability to deliver quality work. However, I have become particularly aware by writing down my bad habits, and I have replaced them with good ones as a crucial step towards attaining a successful accounting career. I have become aware of how bad habits can be a distraction and how they have detracted me from productive activities.


The fear factor is one of the significant barriers I face which prevents me from achieving my goals adequately.  This can be fear of not performing according to the expectations of my seniors in the management level. Additionally, I am afraid of the strict requirements for application of a master’s degree and that my application may be declined.

Entrepreneurial Ethics

I aim to observe all the ethical principles and guidelines in all my accounting endeavors because it is the only way I can fully achieve my career objectives and for the better good of my community and the accounting profession at large.