Sample Management Paper on Owner Gas Station Service is Successful in the Business.

            Owner Gas Station Service is Successful in the Business.

What kind of business you have a franchise Gas Station or independent Gas Station?

I own an independent gas station, which has additional services such as vehicle repair.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in business for about 6 years now.

Did you have any experience before you opened your first business? If yes, what was your previous experience?

            My first business was a garage that lasted for four years. I started the business without any experience. After the four years, I made good profits that enabled me to expand my business to a gas station and garage.

What challenges do you face in your business?

Handling of employees is one of the key challenges I face in the business. Some of the employees are less motivated to work. As a result, some of them come to job late. This at times gives me  a lot of headache because I understand that employees motivation is imperative for the success of a business. Another challenge is handling customers because I do not have enough staff to handle all the customers. Therefore, at times the customers complain about late projects and change of schedules. Competition affects my business daily because of the mushrooming gas stations.

What are your specific strategies for dealing with these challenges?

One of my strategies of dealing with the challenge of demotivated employees is ensuring that their salary is raised on a yearly basis. I also ensure that I solve grievances and differences amongst the employees with immediate effect. Accordingly, I do understand that customers play an imperative role in business. Therefore, customer satisfaction is encouraged in my business.

For instance, I always encourage the employees to serve customers with high esteem and decorum. This has led to customer loyalty. I handle the issue of competition by ensuring that I offer the fair and best services in the market. To handle the challenges of marketing, I have deployed a team of young people who assist with advertisement. For instance, the  team markets our services via sign posts and media adverts.

Did you do a business Plan before you opened your business? If yes, how did it work out?

I did not have a business plan before I started the garage.