Sample Management Paper on Labor Management

Labor Management

Weingarten Rule

Weingarten’s rule is a principle advocating for the rights of employees to have representatives in investigatory interviews. This rule allows the employees to request a union representative without interference from the board of management. The Union representatives advise the employees while also acting as witnesses. The union representatives remain civil in their interactions with both parties. The representatives avoid disruptive behavior that may interfere with investigations.

Rules in an Organizational Campaign

Employers are allowed to participate in activities that promote freedom of speech and worker safety. However, many workers are subjected to threats and intimidations in National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections (Bronfenbrenner, 2021). Employers are prohibited from threatening, firing, spying, and coercing employees due to participation in union activities. Additionally, granting wage increases deliberately to discourage union participation is illegal.

Employer Illegally Discriminating Against Employees

Failing to hire an employee due to union membership is discrimination. Additionally, employers taking disciplinary action against employees based on union activities is unlawful. Some employers may also terminate employee contracts because of labor organization participation.

Union Activities Prohibited in Taft-Hartley Unfair Labor Practices Provision

Labor organizations should be held accountable for unfair conduct (About | Hein Online, 2021). The unfair labor practices include boycotts, jurisdictional strikes, and featherbedding. Moreover, the Act prohibits unions from funding political campaigns and participating in solidarity arrangements.


Breach of Good Bargaining Principle

The NLRB considers whether the employer has changed the employment contract without consultations. Additionally, the bargaining tactics of the employer are investigated. Next, NLRB checks whether the employer has not provided the necessary formation for union bargaining.

Reviewing Unfair Labor Practice

The NLRB reviews unfair labor practice charges of surface bargaining filed by employees or unions. The NLRB first determines if the charge meets the required threshold. Next, the case facts are investigated, and the determination of employer mistakes is carried out. The NLRB then advises the employer accordingly.




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