Sample Management Paper On Jens’ Restaurant Website

Homework Question on Jens’ Restaurant Website

  • Assignment Select a restaurant-related Web site (a chain restaurant, an off-site catering business, or a banquet/convention facility).
  • For each Web site, review the menus, pricing, contact information, location, hours, and entertainment options, commenting on the length of time and number of clicks (click path) taken to retrieve the information.
  • For each site, comment on the ease or difficulty of use, and in your opinion, whether this is a good site or a bad site, and why. Make at least 1 suggestion for improvement for each Web site.

Homework Answer on Jens’ Restaurant Website

Jens’ restaurant is situated in Anchorage, Alaska state. The restaurant is known for its specialization in sea foods including an open table system. The company offers its client fresh meals by using ingredients from the sea to prepare its meals. The details about the website can be accessed online via the company’s website.

The Restaurant Website

The company’s website is This is an easy website to navigate. Once you open the website, the left side column is composed of the various menus that the restaurant offers (Taste of Home Books, 2014). The list of menus included in this section includes lunch, dinner, and dessert menu. The wine and beer, Art work and others on Jen’s components are also included. The restaurants chefs, photo album, directions, reservations, and the contact information are also included under this column.

Homework Help

With just a click on one of these components you can access all the details you need (Andrews, 2014). On the lunch menu component, the various classifications of the lunch meals included include the appetizers, entrees and the American classic. The types of meals included under the appetizers lists includes the slags sild, chicken liver pate served with red cabbage that is stewed and the honey-mustard sauce.