Sample Management Paper On Decision Making

Homework Question on Decision Making Support Tools

  • Read the journal article, “Executive Information Systems: Their Impact on Executive Decision Making”. Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the following:
  1. The tools executive managers use when making major decisions
  2. The relationship between the tools the executive managers’ use and the managers’ tasks
  3. The reasons for using the support tools

Homework Answer on Decision Making Support Tools

  1. What are the tools executive managers use when making major decisions?

Managers use oral, written, or computerized sources of information as tools for decision making (Leidner & Elam, 1995). Oral and written tools of decision making have been in use for many decades. However, computer-based tools are minimally known and it is with the development of technology that they are gaining roots in today’s management of organizations. The development of computer-based systems in recent times conforms to the manager’s line of management.

The article, ‘Executive information systems: Their impact on executive decision making,’ discusses the Executive Information Systems (EIS). It describes EIS as a form of computer-based information system created to enable the managers access information useful to their management activities to enable them make accurate decisions.

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  1. What is the relationship between the tools used and the managers’ tasks?

The relationship between the tools used for decision-making and the manager’s task is that of making the act of decision-making easy for the manager. The manager will use any tool that brings him/her closer to the solution of a problem facing him or her at any given moment (Piccirillo & Noro, 2008). Decision making is a long process that involves a lot of analysis including generations of choices and evaluating which choice to take and which ones to forego.