Sample Management Paper on Change Management Analysis

Assignment Instructions:

-You may elect to develop a change management-related POLICY OR you may utilize an existing policy (No company names please) and conduct a complete ANALYSIS of this policy and any/all applicable procedures. Your change management policy or analysis paper should include, but not be limited to, the following:

-Synopsis or executive summary of your policy development or analysis.
-Development phases and research OR analysis and research.
-Enforcement methodologies for the policy.
-Applicable case analysis and study.
-Proposed modifications to an existing policy or anticipate challenges for the developed policy.
-Overall assessment of the developed policy or analysis of existing policy.
-The paper should be a MINIMUM of 10 pages in length. A minimum of 4 sources and APA 7 applies.

**I honestly don’t care whether you choose to create a change management policy or find one to analyze. As long as the instructions are followed and it’s well written. I will attach 2 samples so you can see my writing and duplicate. I will also attach the grading rubric for this assignment. Thanks so much!