Sample Management Paper on A job to be done

A Job to be Done

I frequently visited where my father worked, a telecommunications business at my local place and I came to notice that there was no one who was employed to provide refreshments/snacks and so the workers had to go out and purchase their refreshments/snacks from the local vendors. This reduced the output since some of the workers used this time to sneak out of the office early or would take a lot of time outside not working. Moreover, it was costly to the employees.

A solution the business can employ is hiring about 15 cooks to serve the approximately 120 employees. This will benefit the business since it will reduce the time wasted by employees going out to purchase foodstuffs thus maximizing their efficiency and concentration at the work place, whilst also boosting their motivation. A good example is google, at the company’s headquarters, there are 11 free gourmet cafeterias for the employees (Chapter 11). In addition, to the cafes, there are snack rooms that contain various cereals, candies, nuts, yoghurts, carrots, fresh fruits, and cappuccinos (Chapter 11). It is unlikely any worker is more than 150 feet away from food (Chapter 11). That is what makes google such as great workplace and top company.