Sample Management Essays On Wildly Important Goals

Homework Question on Wildly Important Goals

  • Watch this video : and answers this three questions and write essay 1 page
  1. What is your Wildly Important Goal?
  2. WHO do you want to be? (not what)?
  3. Can Project Management help you achieve your Goals?

Homework Answer on Wildly Important Goals

In order to be successful and relevant in the business world, every organization needs to have clearly marked roadmap. At the top of this organization is a management team that steers the progress towards the achievement of the set wildly Important Goals (WIG).

My Wildly Important Goals

In order to move my team strategically ahead and make meaningful returns, the most important thing is to set the company’s Wildly Important Goals. In order to be a world class in export, I have two wildly important goals: first is to make the firm that I head as a president and CEO the better alternative for customers’ satisfaction in the region. Secondly, to make it easier for support staff to have an improved relationship with the clients for proper and satisfactory services.

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Who I Want To Be

I wish to be a team leader of a workforce that understands the company’s WIG, and is devoted to attain the same through the organizational strategic plan with a determination to execute them. For my organization not to fall into the traps of failure, I will ensure that each one of them knows the important goal and is able to operate in line with the same. As the team leader of my organization, I will make sure that the scorecard is clear for every employee to enhance his/her performance in line with the wildly important goals.